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The “ROCK” Process

What makes Granite Wealth Management different is our focus on each client and their unique needs. In a world of point-and click DIY solutions, our approach may not be right for everyone. But we’ve learned through decades of experience that it’s a way of helping you succeed. Our company develops personalized, comprehensive financial strategies for our clients. Our advice comes from years of experience listening to our clients and from experience helping clients pursue their life goals. We believe that providing good customer service is more than a statement, it’s the golden rule. By following a consistent process with each client, we ensure that nothing is missed and best practices are always used.

Research – we get to know you as knowledge about each client is fundamental.
Objectives – we help you develop a plan to reach your objectives.
Check – continually check how your investments are doing and make necessary changes.
Know- share knowledge and information in clear understandable language; communicate progress toward goals; conduct ongoing meetings to develop relationships.

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