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Our Core Principles

Granite Wealth Management is guided by a set of principles that have shaped every part of our business. You’ll see this in everything we do - from how we build client relationships to the investments and strategies we recommend.


Client Focused

We focus on you – for the long-term . All aspects of our business support this. Everything we do is aligned to help us better understand and pursue your unique needs.

We like to work with clients who share our same view of investing. A comprehensive investment strategy is one that will stand independently through all market conditions, and is built on the understanding that financial planning is done for the long-term. We’ll help you define your goals and make steady progress toward them over time. At Granite:

  • Our clients are the most important people to our company.
  • Our clients are not an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of it. We appreciate the opportunity to earn their business each day.


Relationships are key. At Granite Wealth Management we want to meet with you to understand why you’re investing. Our office is welcoming, accessible and staffed with a friendly and professional team.

At Granite Wealth Management, we prefer to meet with you regularly in order to maintain a personal relationship. We listen when you talk, and our goal is to always put you first. You deserve more than an 800 number and a call center when it comes to your financial future. Rest assured, through our alignment with LPL Financial, we have big buildings with thousands of people and advanced technology – and they’re all dedicated to supporting your Granite Wealth Management financial advisor and staff.

Long-term, Diversified, and High Quality

Our investment philosophy focuses on quality investments, diversification, and maintaining long-term perspective.

All three of these elements work together; it’s not enough to follow one or two. This approach should help reassure our clients through changing market conditions. At Granite Wealth Management, we will work with you to make sure this philosophy is the foundation of your investment strategy. We are always seeking the highest quality investment approaches and we strive to avoid investments that we believe are confusing or likely to disappoint our clients. With Granite, you’ll get:

  • Individualized portfolio structure designed for your needs
  • Research-based, highly diversified, high quality investment plan
  • An asset allocation approach to investing using a diversified group of investments

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.


No matter what market conditions exist, it is imperative to operate with complete integrity. At all times.

At Granite Wealth Management, we believe in doing the right thing. Always. We do not cut corners. We communicate honestly and simply. And we will always operate in the best interests of our clients – no matter what the outcome. With Granite:

  • We are committed to our clients’ goals, passionate about their success, and exceedingly proud to be their partner.
  • We believe in doing the right thing for our clients. We know what needs to be done and are realistic in our plans, will compromise as necessary, but we do not settle. And neither should you.